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How I turned my blog into a course and made $70,000 in 30 days

I was forced to launch this blog on July 6, 2014...


Okay, maybe “forced” is the wrong word….

But I definitely never wanted to start this blog


In Summer 2014 I enrolled in a crazy program called Orbital Boot Camp, which was a 12 week program to help you launch your side-project to the public.

One of the program requirements was that I start a blog & honestly share my journey of entrepreneurship.

So that’s how this blog started…

Someone made me do it lol

In 2014, I wrote 15 blog posts...

In 2015, I wrote 18 more...

By my 33rd blog post, a lot had happened in my entrepreneurship journey...

I had turned my side-project into a company.

I had raised $300,000 from investors

I had graduated from 500 Startups’ prestigious accelerator.

As a non-technical entrepreneur, I had built my startup’s app without writing a single line of code….

And then I received an invitation to give a TEDx talk to share my story


This is one of the 3 books in my Non-Technical Entrepreneurs Toolkit that I recommend you read right freakin now….png


Here’s the talk I gave on the TEDxDetroit stage…

“How to Build an App Without Code”

[wpvideo KfbwLiks]

After I gave this talk, my email inbox went crazy!

So many non-technical entrepreneurs were emailing me asking for help launching THEIR app ideas (without writing any code)

I directed these folks to my blog where I was documenting my entire process & story…

...but people wanted MORE.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 2.41.51 PM.png

So I decided to turn my blog into a course, called Apps Without Code Bootcamp.

And the results were crazy!!




 Here are all the numbers from my August 2016 Course Launch

Total Launch Revenue: $68,406

  • Revenue from Bootcamp: $59,961
  • Revenue from Mini-Bootcamp: $8,445

Total Bootcamp Students: 56

Average Revenue per Enrolled Student: $1,222

Size of my email list pre launch: 1,061

Size of my email list post launch: 2,351

Average Revenue per subscriber on my email list: $29

Cost of sales: $5,522

  • Licensed Course material: $2,633
  • Affiliate Share: $2,889

Cost of Marketing: $4,745

  • Social Media Takeovers: $3,300
  • Instagram Ads: $1,080
  • Facebook Ads: $365

Total Profit: $58,137

% Profit Margin: 85.4%

I’d love to walk you through how I got these results, so I’m sharing all the details in this blog post.

There’s a TON to cover… and I’m not holding anything back, so I broke it up into 3 sections:  

  • Part 1: The Launch- Everything I did to turn my blog into a product
  • Part 2: Software I used along the way- How I used software to do this as a non-technical entrepreneur
  • Part 3: Things that Made a Difference & All the Epic Fails- All my dirty laundry :)

How I Win 1000 Signups/mo. by Hacking Social Media

Have you ever Googled “how to get app signups”?

If you need a good laugh, you should try that Google search.

There’s a ton of vague and annoying advice like:

  • Go viral
  • Do retargeting
  • Consider running Facebook Ads
  • Build an email list through content marketing
  • Make some videos for YouTube

I’m not saying this stuff is useless.

But for me (someone running an early stage startup & small business) I’ve never been “wow”ed by the results I got from these tactics.


So a few months ago I went on a hunt for non-conventional growth strategies for my startup, Kollecto.

My team & I spent a lot of time experimenting with new strategies, and started to see results with a handful of social media hacks.

So here’s a recap of all the things that worked (and didn’t work) on our journey hacking social media to reach 1000 signups/ mo…. All the juicy details.



Part 1 - How we hacked Twitter to 10x our traffic

Which comes first? The Chicken or the Egg?

Nevermind, don’t answer that…

Here’s an easier question:

Which comes first? The web traffic or the signups?

Obviously it’s the signups, which is why my first goal was to boost the amount of traffic coming to the Kollecto site.

To do this, I leveraged an awesome marketing tool called Socedo.

Using Socedo, we jumped from ~1,000 visits per month to nearly 10,000 visits per month in just a few months.


Here’s how we used Socedo:

We targeted people saying certain keywords on Twitter:

  • “Wish I could buy art”
  • “Wish collect art”
  • “Went to art museum”
  • “Went to art gallery”
  • etc.

For example, we targeted people like this:


Socedo hunted through Twitter and automatically found tweets like this for us.

Basically this is what was happening:


And then the software did something really cool.

For each of these Tweets, Socedo:

  1. Followed the lead
  2. Added them to an “Art Lovers” list
  3. Liked their tweet (24 hours later)
  4. And sent the person a DM (if the person followed us back)

DM example: “Hey Chris! Saw your tweets on art. If you’re interested in collecting, check out our Art Collecting School program {link}”


This strategy brought a solid chunk of traffic to our site.

And this was the result….

We went from about ~1000 views/mo in December to almost 10,000 by March.



And almost all this traffic was coming from social media!

Twitter & Pinterest to be exact…


I’ll come back to Pinterest in Part 3 of this post.

But if you need a breakdown of why we saw success with hacking our Twitter account using Socedo…

Here’s what was happening…


Users would see us engaging with them.

Then they would get interested and click one of 3 things:

  1. They would click on the DM link we sent. This was easy to set up because Socedo did all the work
  2. They would click our bio link. This was also easy to set up. We just made sure we had our website url in our Twitter bio
  3. Or they would click on a cool Tweet we posted. This was a bit tougher to maintain, because it meant we had to CONSTANTLY have fresh & interesting Twitter content for people to discover.

That’s where the next hack came in…

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