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The truth about crowdfunding

Remember when it seemed like pretty much ANYONE could make money crowdfunding on sites like Kickstarter?

Seriously, it seemed like people were ready to fund just about anything — no matter how developed the idea was…

Well here’s a reality check:

Those days are OVER.


Nowadays, you need a serious game plan if you want to raise cash through crowdfunding…  which is exactly what my friend Ainiya dropped by to talk about in a brand new workshop…

“How to Make $55K from Crowdfunding”

Ainiya Williams is founder and CEO at Tinsel, and recently raised $55,000 for her super cool tech product on Indiegogo! In the workshop she covers:

  • What a “dirty prototype” is and why you need one
  • How to generate momentum by lining up backers ahead of time
  • How to make your campaign stand out in all the noise
  • Plus a bunch of other cool stuff!

If you’re looking to raise cash through crowdfunding, but you’re not sure how to get started or what to prioritize, I’d definitely check out the workshop!

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