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You can probably do that without code

I get a TON of emails like this:


Basically, lots of non-technical people think their ideas are too complicated to build themselves.

Is this you?

Ok so, I want you to know something…

My reply to these emails usually goes something like this (I’m paraphrasing here):

“You can build pretty much ANYTHING without code”

There are a lot of different ways to do it, but is definitely one of my favorite tools

(It makes doing all those things that sound super complicated pretty simple actually)

Here are just 3 of the “complicated-sounding” things that you can easily build in Bubble:


  • Payment processing
  • User uploads
  • Marketplaces

Seriously, you can build a friggin’ marketplace app (think Uber) without writing a single line of code…



Not bad, right?

Actually, the other night I walked through how to do this stuff in my workshop, “How to Build Apps Without Code”

Check it out:

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Hi there- My name is Tara Reed & I’m the founder of Kollecto. I'm a non-technical founder building software without writing any code.I’m also a first-time entrepreneur who swore I'd never become an entrepreneur…Oh well, sh*t happens! :) Follow my journey as I build a cool art startup...

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  1. Why are there no videos showing at the bottom of some of these sections? I am one of these non tech savvy entrepreneurs with a goal setting/accountability app idea and have nowhere to start. I am looking for an A to Z system but by reviewing your website, I am clicking all over the place.

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