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First time here? Start here!

Hey. Tara here! Nice to meet you.

Lately, I’ve been launching cool software products without writing code.

Check out my online workshop!

Join me here:

Here’s what else I’ve been up to:

  1. Building Apps without Code– As a non-technical founder without a ton of money to spend, building without code was the best option for me. Here’s my 3 part story of how I  validated my idea, started generating revenue & got VC funding without writing a single line of code…
  2. Getting coached by a Google UX designer–  Totally the coolest thing I’ve done in while. I learned Google Venture’s 5-step process of designing products directly from an ex-Googler who worked on Inbox by Gmail. Here’s what I learned…
  3. Doing TEDx Talks– I got asked to present at TEDxDetroit . I also recently did a talk at The Lean Startup Conference. Video of that coming soon!
  4. Raising a $300,000 seed round from J.P. Morgan Innovation Fund, Google for Entrepreneurs,  and 500 Startups.
  5. Sharing everything I’m learning along the way– Subscribe to my email list if you want to learn what I’m learning. I try to keep it fun!

My Projects:

Kollecto– The first recommendation engine for affordable art– Interractive lessons & videos teaching you everything you need to know about buying art on a budget.

Apps Without Code Bootcamp– A 6-week program for non-technical founders who want to build apps

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  1. Hi Tara! You are really inspiring. I caught your webinar LIVE on your YouTube Channel for the Social Media Marketing Training you’re doing but I wasn’t able to catch the link for Thursday’s Class. Is there anyway you could possibly post the link here? Or should I just email you directly?


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