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How to test your startup idea

Do you remember when your startup idea first hit you?

I definitely do— I was hunting for art for my Seattle apartment and I thought, “why is there no Netflix for art?!”

A few months later I was in Silicon Valley, launching my Kollecto app, negotiating $100K+ in investment, making REAL money and getting featured in Entrepreneur mag


Crazy, right?

Before all this started, I never thought I’d be an entrepreneur — let alone flying to New York, LA, even Dubai to pitch my company!



Launching my startup has been one hell of an adventure!

Here’s the thing:

This CRAZY adventure started with a single idea.

apphacker-evergreen-blog-postWhich makes me think:

Because you landed on this blog, I’m willing to bet you’ve got an awesome idea of your own 🙂

And I want to help you find the same success I did.

So I’m actually doing an invite-only webinar, “How to Test Your Startup Idea Without Spending Lots of $$$”

>Click here to RSVP for the webinar


This brand-new webinar is specifically for non-technical folks (like us!) with awesome startup ideas…

Join the webinar and learn:

  • How to determine whether your idea will make you the money you need and deserve
  • The ONE mistake most entrepreneurs make that dooms their chance of success… and how to avoid it
  • How to build the first version of your app YOURSELF… without writing a single line of code
  • How to grow a wait list of people knocking down the door to try your app before you even start building it
  • PLUS how to do all this in just 8 weeks!

Thing is, most folks don’t have a TON of time + money to test their startup idea.


I am living proof of this. Join the webinar and I’ll show you the EXACT same process I used to validate my idea, make my first $35,000, and land $100,000 in investment.

>Click here to sign up for the webinar


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Hi there- My name is Tara Reed & I’m the founder of Kollecto. I'm a non-technical founder building software without writing any code.I’m also a first-time entrepreneur who swore I'd never become an entrepreneur…Oh well, sh*t happens! :) Follow my journey as I build a cool art startup...

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