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Does your website suck?

Does your website suck?

It’s totally ok if it does. I have had sooo many shitty websites, it’s not even funny!

But there’s just no way around it:

If you’re going to launch a successful startup or online business, you need a website— and not just one that looks pretty, either (but that is important too)

You need a website that actually converts.

Problem is, if you’re anything like me, you’re not what anyone would call a “design genius.” And while there are a ton of cool visual programming tools non-technical folks can use to build a website (Squarespace and Strikingly are two of my favs)… there’s no substitute for the kind of design and UX know-how a professional designer can give you.

That’s why I was super excited to share this recent workshop, “How to Make Your Website Look Amazing (And Actually Convert)” with my friend Krystle Rowry.

Krystle is a real badass and an awesome designer who has worked behind-the-scenes on some killer brands like Marie Forleo, Hey Fran Hey, Disney, Cole Haan, REVOLVE, and more…

In the workshop, Krystle shares the decisions she made in redesigning the landing page for The Funeralist — a super cool startup founded by one of my Apps Without Code Bootcamp students, LeAnna DeBaptiste Hallman!

Krystle’s redesign took The Funeralist from this…


…to this:


Pretty badass, right?!

To watch Krystle break down EXACTLY what she did (and why), check out the workshop:

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