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Deciding & Prototyping


In October, I started working 1:1 with an amazing designer named Xander Pollock. He’s been coaching me on Google Venture’s process of UX design.

The first phase in the process was ‘unpacking’. I wrote about that on Monday. The second part was Sketching (that was my favorite part). I wrote about that yesterday.

But the part that pushed me the most was Phase 3- Deciding

  • I wrote an Amazon-style press release
  • I pulled in my team to get feedback. I showed them my Solution Sketches and got their feedback on them. Xander taught me this cool process of getting team feedback. My team got to put dots on the sketches, based on what they liked- different dots mean different things and there were a few rounds for dotting.
  • I used all the feedback to determine what we would prototype
  • I formalized the Solution Sketches into a storyboard detailing each view of what the prototype would look like & I got another round of feedback.

And then I was off to start phase 4- Prototyping.

I built my prototype using Today I launched it & sent it to friends, & family, & supporters of Kollecto

Check out my prototype at I’d love your feedback.



The next & final phase is Testing… I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. Does anyone even want this thing?



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