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I’ve been getting coached by an awesome Google Designer (Pt 1- Unpacking)

In October, I started working 1:1 with an amazing designer named Xander Pollock.

Xander is a badass.

He worked on Inbox by Gmail… and before that, he co-founded a company (Punchd) and sold it to Google.

Xander and I met through 500 Startups (he was in batch 1)

and he’s been teaching me about Google Venture’s process of UX design

GV has written about this process here, but it’s a whole different story to learn it directly from someone who has done this process with the GV team, who can customize the process just for you & can give you an accountability structure (which I need. Xander and I video chat once a week and I have homework).


So there are 5 steps in the process:

  1. Unpack
  2. Sketch
  3. Decide
  4. Prototype
  5. Test


I’ve been applying these steps to the way I built Art Collecting School, which launches as part of the ‘test’ phase tomorrow.

The unpacking process was really fun.

  • I got on the phone with a bunch of Kollecto users. We talked about art & what they wish they knew about art, but mainly we talked about non-art stuff: their favorite books, things they’re proud of, guilty pleasures, etc.
  • I wrote a bunch of user stories for each of the personas
  • And I developed some clear KPIs I would use to measure success for Art Collecting School

And then I jumped into Part 2, Sketching, which was my favorite part!



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