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Codeless product sprints  (sprint #4)

Link to Sprint #1  |  Link to Sprint #2  |  Link to Sprint #3

This week we added something called ‘Kollecto Value Scores’ to each piece of artwork we show to clients. 

Value scores look like this:

– Artist career score: 5
– Originality score: 2
– Price for size score: 4

The intent is to start helping people identify WHY certain artwork is interesting & what the trade-offs are. You can see the new ‘Value Scores’ in the product below. This was a small change, but I hope it’s useful for our users!

Any ideas on how I can get feedback from users on how helpful they found this addition? I’d love to pull feedback based on behavior vs. surveying a small set of users. 

How our curators determine Kollecto Value Scores:

Obviously the scoring system is a bit relative, but we tried to build a system that was skewed towards the most important characteristics of sub-$3000 art.

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