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Kollecto Iteration Log

I’ve honestly lost track of all the ways we’ve iterated on the Kollecto UX.

It’s been an awesome journey that feels a lot like putting together a difficult puzzle.



Here’s a log of all the UX iterations we’ve done to date…



  1. Showed clients 4 pieces of art gauge their taste  (discontinued because the results weren’t very helpful to advisors)

  2. Asked clients to share URL to an example of art they like (discontinued because it didn’t depict clients’ multi-dimensional taste)

  3. Asked open-ended question about what the client’s looking for (continues to be helpful indicator on how to help clients- even if they can’t fully articulate what they want)

  4. Asked whether clients have bought art before (continues to be helpful indicator on how to help clients)

  5. Asked clients what mediums they were interested in  (i.e. painting, drawing, etc) (discontinued because most of our clients don’t know what they like yet. Most people selected all mediums!)

  6. Asked clients to pick a number on a scale- indicating whether they’re decorating or looking to build a ‘serious’ collection (continued to be helpful indicator on how to help clients)

  7. Asked clients what size art they wanted  (discontinued because almost everyone thought bigger was better)



  1. 3 options: Student Art Advisor  |   Emerging Art Advisor   |   Aspiring Investor Art Advisor (discountinued for more simple operations)

  2. 1 option: Personal Art Advisor (discontinued

  3. Email class on affordable art collecting (continued- the class drives sales & converts users)
  4. 2 options: Shared Art Advisor  |  Personal Art Advisor (continued)

  5. Hidden product: Free Personal Art Advisor trail (can only be accessed via class)



  1. Let customer choose monthly vs. broker fee (discontinued because 75% clients chose broker fee)

  2. Flat Advisory fee only (continued)

  3. Shared Art Advisor service- free to customer vs Personal Art Advisor service- 10% advisory fee (new)



  1. Video chat first, then email (discontinued, high interest in scheduling video chat, low follow-through)

  2. Let customers choose, video chat first, then email; phone call first, them email, or email only (discontinued because 67% chose email only)

  3. Email only 

  4. Option to schedule phone call after 1-2 emails of art had been sent (reintroduced b/c we have high success with clients we talk to. This went well)

  5. Advisors manage their own client communication through a shared inbox (that can be monitored) (discountinued because each art advisor provided different customer service, it required more work than the small commission)

  6. Full-time Account Managers manage client communication; advisors find & submit art for client (continued)

  7. Find art for all clients who sign up (discountinued, created a lot of work for clients who werent fully interested)

  8. Require clients to respond to Art Advisor’s email– then find art only after a response (discountinued- we lost clients who were looking for art, but didnt want to chat)

  9. Find art for all clients who sign up, but require feedback after two emails/ 10 pieces shown (continues)



  1. Show art using typeforms where clients rate each piece (discontinued for more simple operations)

  2. Show art within email- with links to request more info, links to give feedback (continued for personal art advisor program- open ended questiond actually give us more feedback than ratings)

  3. Show art within email- with rating (continues for shared art advisor program)


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