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A Hunt for more Art Advisors

Talk about a speedy trail! Last week we opened applications for Art Advisors.

Over the course of 1 week, we received almost 70 applications…shit!

Emily (Kollecto’s Chief Art Advisor) & I were super impressed by the candidates, some of whom had experience at companies like:

  • Sotheby’s– one of the world’s largest brokers of fine art
  • Christie’s– one of the world’s largest art auction houses
  • Frieze– one of the world’s largest contemporary art fairs
  • Gagosian gallery– one of the most famous contemporary art galleries
  • Artsy– an awesome online search engine & database for art
  • & more!

While we considered resumes in our decision, we put a greater emphasis on our case study assignment!

To apply, each candidate had to review a sample client profile.Then, they had to find 3 pieces of art for the client & curate a short write-up for the client about the art.

 So our decisions were based on:

  • 25% resume
  • 35% curation/ write-ups
  • 40% awesome art picks for the client

We also asked candidates to fill out a survey about WHY they applied to Kollecto. Almost half the candidates filled it out & I was amazed by the results.




Interesting, right? 

We closed applications on Wednesday & gave people answers about next steps on Thursday. I consider that to be pretty darn fast! You know those companies that never respond then you apply for a job… Well, we decided not to do that.

In my next post, I’ll introduce our new group of Art Avisors & show you the awesome art they picked!!




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