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Ready, Aim, Scale!

I’ve worked in marketing departments at several great tech companies, so I’ve seen this first-hand… 

People in tech are always talking about scaling & growth. It’s kind of like we’re all scurrying around thinking “ready, aim, scale!!!”

A focus on scaling isn’t a bad thing. But patience isn’t bad either! (See Alex Turnbull’s post on how he became a better founder by practicing patience.)


At Kollecto, we’ve been helping some awesome people buy their first pieces of art.

However, we have lots of people on the waiting list and it’s tempting us to go full-throttle into ‘scaling mode’.

We’re resisting the urge.


Because in order to scale, you have to spend time ‘getting ready’ & ‘aiming’ first! 

That’s what we’re doing this week (and next).

Here’s how we’re getting ready:


1) We started tracking our clients using StrideApp’s super simple CRM tool. 



2) We started using FrontApp so Advisors now have a simple shared inbox for coordination & collaboration. 


3) We opened applications for Art Advisors & are developing awesome onboarding & training classes for them via Udemy


All of this is helping us get ready before we scale. If you’re on the waiting list, hold tight- we’re almost ready for you!



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Hi there- My name is Tara Reed & I’m the founder of Kollecto. I'm a non-technical founder building software without writing any code.I’m also a first-time entrepreneur who swore I'd never become an entrepreneur…Oh well, sh*t happens! :) Follow my journey as I build a cool art startup...

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