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Building Without an Ounce of Code

I’ve been working on Kollecto for 11 weeks. 

During these 11 weeks, I probably edited 1-2 lines of HTML, but in general, I built Kollecto without an ounce of code.

Instead, I’ve built my business using:



  •  30% Typeform– a free online survey & form builder (that looks pretty damn good). I use it to 1) build taste profiles for each of my clients, 2) to onboard artists & galleries & 3) to show art to clients in an innovative way








  • 30% Email– My Advisors communicate with clients & galleries via email. I created a email address, which gets cc’d on all advisor-client interactions. This allows me to gather qualitative feedback from clients, cull best-practices from Advisors, & schedule war-rooms with Advisors when something in the customer experience is not right.
  • 4% Plasso + Stripe– I use Plasso to create customized monthly payment plan pages for each of my clients.


  • 3% Paypal– to send money to artists & galleries.
  • 3% VLine– A video chat solution where neither party has to download a plug-in. I started Kollecto assuming most people would want to chat with their Advisor, but I was wrong about that. Most people want to communicate via email so I’m phasing out my use of VLine.

When I started Kollecto, I envisioned a tech-heavy platform for matching first-time collectors with an art advisor. I’m so glad I didn’t start writing code for that… (turns out that first-time collectors don’t really care who their art advisor is as long as he/she can find them cool stuff).

Spending 0% time on coding and 100% of time learning what my customers want has been really rewarding & successful.



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Hi there- My name is Tara Reed & I’m the founder of Kollecto. I'm a non-technical founder building software without writing any code.I’m also a first-time entrepreneur who swore I'd never become an entrepreneur…Oh well, sh*t happens! :) Follow my journey as I build a cool art startup...

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  1. The idea behind validating without writing software (or anything extra costly and/or slow process) is the way to go. However, you are *not* building software without writing code. You are using pieces of software that was meant to be used as such. You might be building businesses (or at least services) without writing code (or building software), but that’s different.

    It’s important to emphasize, because the point of this post (and I guess the whole blog) is to be able to validate or even build services without creating new software. (Which is slow and costly.)

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