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Identifying the Friction

One of the most rewarding experiences of building @Kollecto is identifying  & relieving friction.

This past month was full of friction!


I was getting lots of signups on

And lots of people were filling out Art Taste questionnaires for their Advisors

But few people were responding when I tried to schedule a chat with their Advisor!

This was frustrating for one particular reason!

Almost all of my clients who had conversations with their Advisor were having great experiences with Kollecto.

 In fact, 60% of them were gearing up to buy art through Kollecto!

So the friction was in one particular place- getting people on the phone with their Advisor.

So this week I made some changes to my sign-up flow.

People still express interest through

But I added a question to the Taste Questionnaire asking people how they’d like to interact with their Advisor. There are 3 options:

  • Phone call first, then email
  • Video chat first, then email
  • Email only

For those who want a phone call or video chat, they can schedule the time right in the questionnaire instead of doing it as a separate step.

It’s only been a few hours & I can already see the difference!

There’s been a wide variety of answers to the ‘how do you want to communicate with your advisor’ question.  

My new sign-up flow is letting us communicate with people the way they want to be commutated with. I’ll keep you posted on how this experiment progresses. 

UPDATE: Over 70% of new customers picked ‘email communication only’. This is a HUGE learning





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