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That time I mentored someone & copied everything I learned at Foursquare…

While interning at Foursquare, I was lucky enough to be mentored by two amazing people- Brynne Zuccaro & Jon Steinback.

No really- everything I know about marketing, I learned from them!



So when I started Kollecto & hired an intern (Nahyun Kim), I copied everything I learned from Brynne & JS.  Several times a day, I ask myself, ‘what would Brynne do’ when it comes to partnering with Nayhun. I think Nahyun & I have a really great working relationship largely because I have Brynne & JS as references.

Nahyun & I have crafted a scenario where she manages one of the things I know best- acquisition marketing.

This may sound counter-productive, but it’s allowed me to learn a new set of skills while simultaneously passing a skill-set off to her.

 I guess this is how mentorship is supposed to be… cyclical.

Thanks Brynne, JS, & Nahyun 🙂 




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