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Killing three birds with one stone (aka Product Hunt)

As part of @OrbitalNYC Bootcamp, we have some crazy assignments.

One assignment is to post something on Twitter/FB that gains 20+ retweets. What?! 20 retweets is a lot!!

Another assignment is to get someone to write a blog/news post about something you made.

This week- I tried to kill three birds with one stone…

The first bird was part of the ongoing market-fit experimentation I’ve been doing. I’ve been testing user segments & channels to figure out WHO is interested in a product like Kollecto. I’m learning, for example, that young real-estate brokers love my project!

I’ve also been getting interest from tech early-adopters. So I wanted to, more thoroughly, test this segment.

To do this, I went to and searched for Art startups. I then emailed ~5 people who had submitted art startups before. I got responses from 2 people- and Jack Smith was kind enough to write the post for me.


Then, I posted a tweet about the Product Hunt post & sent emails to my network asking them to upvote the link.  My upvotes ended up being ~65% from friends & 35% organic. 

I ended up with 13 favorites & 18 retweets (not 20, but close)!

16 retweets were from friends (I guess that’s how twitter works). It was also in my best interest to boost eyeballs on the post- since my original objective was to test the ‘techie market’. So I spent ~$20 on promoted tweet ad, targeting people who follow both @ProductHunt & @Guggenheim.  This got me two more retweets & more Kollecto signups. Maybe I’ll get the final two as a result of this blog post 🙂


So that’s three birds-

  • Bird #1- 
  • Test the ‘tech early adopter’ market (this went well & I got lots of signups- the Product Hunt post drove ~40% of my signups to-date).
  • Bird #2-
  • Get someone to post/blog about your project
  • I got an extra blog post from TechAvenge– they seem to pull content from trending companies on Product Hunt
  • POST-PUBLISH UPDATE-I also got an extra blog post from Autosend who featured my blog post here


  • Bird #3
  • Get 20 retweets (well…18!)



To prep for this campaign I read the Autosend article on how 23 startups got their first users. It gave me lots of ideas!!

I was also really inspired by an article Gary Chou shared on ‘the forward intro email’ by roybahat. I applied the tactics in the article when asking people to post Kollecto on Product Hunt.




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